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Final Fantasy Kingdom

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Welcome To Final Fantasy Kingdom (ffk_ten)! I am your mod, spiraled_444 and this is a new Final Fantasy X (ten) RPG, where you create journals as if you were the FFX character and create a new storyline to get Yuna to Zanarkand and call the Final Aeon! Please read all the rules before applying!

Please Note: This RPG takes place after Yuna has found all her guardians (Tidus, Lulu, Auron, Rikku, Wakka and Kimarhi). So if you play one of those characters, remember you are already a guardian!

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1: You may only play one character. There i sno exception to this rule since we only can have a limited amount of characters.

2: You must join/friend this community for main discussions, updates, and any modly information! After that you may friend any CHARACTERS journal you would like to have story lines with (good or evil)

3: You MUST make a new journal for your character and should be created before you apply. This journal should be Friends Only (locked) and must have ffk_ten in your interests. For a sample of how your journal should look see ffk_rikku! The only post not friend's only should be your post telling people that it's friend's only!

4: Please update your journal at least once a week. We would like to keep this RPG alive, and if your going to be away or on hiatus please let us know in THIS post!

5: Please sign all your posts and comments with your character name, like this-
If you do their will be a 5 Gil reward for every one you sign!

6: Remember that the RPG doesn't need to stay within posts! Don't be afriad to take the RPG-ing to the comments of your friends journals and the main places in ffk_ten!

7: Your journal MAY NOT consist of memes/quizzes/etc.. it must be post's made by your character and thats it!

8: Apon acceptance into the RPG you will get to choose from 3 welcome packs. They will include starting Gil, Items, Weapons, and Abilities.

9: Your first post must be made within 24 hours of your character's acceptance.

10: No God-Modding or controlling other characters, you control your character and your character only! If you are caught doing this at first warnings, which could lead to a banning!

11: Last but not least, have fun!

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Once you have a journal for your character (Remember at this time you don't need to customize the journal, just register the name!) join ffk_ten with both your journal and your characters journal! Fill out the form completely and post it HERE.

The Application

Character Choice:
Character Journal:
About how many times a week will you approx. update your journal?:
Refered By?: (optional)
Starting Pack 1, 2 or 3?:

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Available Characters

Kimahri Ronso
Maester Seymour
Tromell Guado
Maester Mika

If I have forgotten a character in here, please let me know HERE.

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Current Members

Rikku (ffk_rikku) - Played by: spiraled_444
Yuna (ffk_yuna) - Played by: kaleidoruby
Lulu (resisting_fayth) - Played by: jackalite
Tidus (lj user="disasteriffic">) - Played by: donotfade

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The Gil Bank

Whenever you make Gil, you may post it HERE and deposit it into your bank. This can buy you items, weapons, armour and even special computer graphics!

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Member Of The Month

At the beginning of each month there will be a new layout and default icon to represent the ffk_ten's Member Of The Month. The Member of the Month will be chosen by spiraled_444 and will be based on participation. I will be looking for the character that participates regularly and there participation post make sense! For example, I'm playing Rikku and if one post i'm with Tidus and Yuna in the Bevelle Temple and I make another post saying im now with Wakka, Lulu and Auron in the Zanarkand Ruins. That doesn't make sense UNLESS in the second post I explain VERY CLEARLY, WITHOUT GOD-MODING and WITHOUT CONTROLLING OTHER CHARACTERS how I got from the last place to the next, which is VERY hard!

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We currently have no affilates, if you would like to affilate please go HERE.

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Promote Us!

Please promote our community! If someone was to place your username in their application post it gains you 10 Gil per person! ( Also participation points ;) ) If you would like to use the following banners please do! I will even upload them for you and give you the URL's for them!

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