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Ally [userpic]
Considered Your Self Warned!
by Ally (spiraled_444)
at October 17th, 2005 (10:00 pm)

Alright fellow RP'ers! I'm giving you your warning now to put your thinking caps on! Your first Random Battle will be coming up soon! Now I know that this Battle isn't REALLY random, since I'm telling you but this is just so you get the idea of our Battle System!

Each battle you guys win will earn every member a certain amount of Gil and some items! Even sometimes on Boss Battles, you can earn weapons and armour!

How A Battle Works

At a random time I will make a post with about 5 Questions about FFX (Boss Battles may contain questions about the game FFK too!). This is a group effort because you will need at least 3 people to correctly answer ALL 5 questions for you to win the Battle! If the battle was won, every one BUT the 3 who won the battle for everyone, will lose HP. Everyone has a Max. HP level of 100, so therefore for them every question they get wrong they will lose 20 HP.

For every Battle your team loses, A Pheonix Down will be taken from your vaults in order to bring you back to life! If your vault doesn't contain Pheonix Down's the bank will take out the price of a Pheonix Down from your Gil Amount.

A Random Battle will come out of no where, actually its whenever I'm bored and decide "Hey let's have a battle!". For these Battles you can die and not have to worry about it and not everyone has to fight (but even if they don't they will lose their life and a pheonix down must be taken to restore them.

For the Boss Battles, you will get 2 warnings before they start. The first warning will tell you the date of the Boss Battle and what you will need to have in your Gil Bank for preperation. The second will be a reminder the day before the battle to remind you to get everything ready. Every member MUST participate, if you cannot FOR A GOOD REASON please comment on the first warning of the Boss Battle with your cahracter journal and a GOOD VALID REASON! Throughout the battle you will be asked a series of questions (Also note the questions will be LIVE so ill post the first one and comment with the rest!) and I will ask a certain person that question. that person, and that person ONLY may reply to that question with an answer. If they don't answer within 10 minutes, thier turn will be over! (While this question is going on, I will be asking a couple more also.)
After all questions have been asked, everyone will have an extra 5 minutes to answer any un answered questions. At that point I will close comments and tally of the correct question percentage. If it is over 70% than you all win the Boss Battle! If you lose, we will be rescheduling the Boss Battle til we will! This battle will have to be defeated eventually! So good Luck!

Now I will stop spamming your friends page! If you have any questions on the FFK Battle System than please ask in the Mod Contact Post HERE!

--Ally, Mod of ffk_ten