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Ally [userpic]
Final Fantasy Kingdom Shoppe
by Ally (spiraled_444)
at October 16th, 2005 (03:45 am)

Oh hello, welcome to FFK's Shoppe! Here you can buy items, weapons and armour!

SHOPPE NEWS! = At this point of the game you will not be able to buy weapons or armour! Keep Checking the Shoppe's news bulletin for updates on this!

Wanna see what we are selling to you here at this shoppe? Well here yeah go!

Potion : Restores 200 HP to one character = 15 Gil
Hi Potion : Restores 1000 HP to one character = 50 Gil
Mega-Potion : Restores 2000 HP to entire party = 80 Gil
X-Potion : Restores 100% of HP to one character = 100 Gil
Phoenix Down : Revives one character into critical condition = 20 Gil
Mega Phoenix : Revives entire party with full HP = 200 Gil
Ether : Restores 100 MP to one character = 30 Gil
Turbo Ether : Restores 500 MP to one character = 100 Gil
Elixir : Restroes 100% HP and MP to one character = 200 Gil
Megalixir : Restores HP and MP of entire party = 400 Gil
Antidote : Heals Poison = 30 Gil
Soft: Heals stone = 30 Gil
Eye Drops : Heals darkness = 30 Gil
Echo Screen : Heals silence = 30 Gil
Holy Water : Heals Zombie and Curse = 30 Gil
Remedy : Heals all status effects = 30 Gil
Al Bhed Potion : Cures status effects and heals 1000 HP to all = 100 Gil

Have you decided what you want? Perfect! You can filll this out and comment with it to buy them!

Character Journal:
Gil Bank Vault Number:
Buying Items:

Not here to buy? Thats okay! Are you here to sell? If yes than follow here for the selling form! You will get 10 Gil less than the buying price!

Character Journal:
Gil Bank Vault Number:
Selling Items:

Well that's it! Thanks and come again! Have a nice day!